Life UK Test & UK Citizenship Course Preperation - Online

Aims of the Course?

We offer Life UK Test and UK Citizenship preparation course online with following unbeatable features:

  • New Online Practice Tests 2015 – complete training to help you pass the new Life in the UK Test
  • More than 500 Free test questions covering the entire new handbook Life in the UK: A Guide for New Residents (3rd edition)
  • Instant, unlimited and easy online access for 1 full year – no download, no test by email, no shipping
  • Unlimited Chapter Tests – learn and review the content efficiently, one chapter at a time
  • Timeline – memorise all the important dates with our Life in the UK: A Guide for New Residents History Timeline
  • Test History – check on your progress with your personalised Test History
  • Detailed review of your correct and incorrect answers with a link to the handbook page
  • Includes the text of the handbook
  • Includes the audio of the handbook – listen to all the chapters on your iPod or MP3 player
  • Optimised for all tablets, iPads, laptops and desktop computers
  • Smartphone mobile version – practice on your phone (very popular!)
  • Instant and unlimited online access for 1 full year – learn at your own pace
  • Safe payment through PayPal (no PayPal account needed) – can pay with any credit or debit cards
  • Reliable customer service – We respond to every inquiry
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – pass your test or your money back

The Aim of the course is to help candidates to understand the life in the UK on our user friendly On-line Training Panel . On request we can arrange one-to-one preparation sessions on special fee package.

About the ‘Knowledge of language and life in the UK’:

From 28 October 2013, there will be two parts to the knowledge of language and life requirement, both of which must be met by all applicants for settlement unless the individual is exempt.

Applicants will be required to:

  • pass the Life in the UK test; and
  • to have a speaking and listening qualification in English at B1 CEFR or higher, or its equivalent.


The 3rd revised official Study materials were published by the Home Office in early 2013. Any tests taken on or after 25 March 2013 are based on the information found in Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new residents 3rd edition.

Our classes focus on Chapters 2 to 5 of the above-mentioned publication.  

Topics covered  in the tuition sessions are paper base as well as online. all the testable chapters included in our study guides are:

The values and principles of the UK

-Taking the Life in the UK test

  • What is the UK?

– Countries which make up the UK.

  • A long and illustrious history

– Early Britain
– The Middle Ages
– The Tudors and Stuarts
– A global power
– The 20th century
– Britain since 1945

  • A modern thriving society

– The UK today
– Religion
– Customs and traditions
– Sport
– Arts and culture
– Leisure
– Places of interest

  • The UK government, the law and your role

– The development of British democracy
– The British constitution
– The government
– The UK and international institutions
– Respecting the law
– Fundamental principles
– Your role in the community


How long is the Course?

1 Year Subscription

Assessment and Qualification you will achieve:

We will prepare you for this test with lots of Quiz and hands on Knowledge and Training.

Qualification requirements:

Free English Language Assessment to test the candidate’s fluency in English (must be ESOL Entry 3 Level or above). This means that the candidate must be able to hold conversations on an unexpected topic’ and should be able to read and understand English.

Method of Assessment:

For each chapter,  paper base as well as online mock tests will be held.  We highly recommend that candidates take this intensive course prior to booking their On-line test.  The tests are conducted at government test centres of their own choice.


Not applicable. Students must book and take their test at designated government test centres.

What are the opportunities for further studies?

Become UK Citizen and Entry to Various Higher Studies

How do I enrol?

You can Come to College or Fill Application Form, you would have option to Pay online.

Facts information about Life in the UK Test:

  • The test consists of 24 multiple choice questions
  • Questions are chosen at random by the computer
  • The test duration is 45 minutes
  • The applicant must answer 18 out of 24 questions correctly to pass (75%)
  • The test costs £50
  • The test is conducted at an approved Home Office Test Centres across th UK


Course Fee £28.99
Registration Fee £0.00
Overseas Fee £28.99
Level Level 2
Duration 1 YEAR Subscription
Requirement Basic English Level
Accreditation Life Long Learning
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