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Important Instructions

Dear students below is a list of all lectures with recorded video and written content including quizzes and assignments. There are a total of 36 lectures with 12 quizzes and 12 assignments. The written contents for all lectures with video teasers are available right now. The video teasers will be replaced with live class recorded video lectures within 24 hours of the live class that you will be able to watch here,

How to complete lecture

To complete a lecture, you need to watch the complete recorded video before. After completing the video scroll down, you will see a button “Mark complete” Click on the button to complete your lecture to move towards the next lectures.

Note: You can’t mark complete any lecture without watching the complete video.

Assignments & Quizzes Requirements

After completing every three lectures you will see one assignment and one quiz that you need to attempt in order to access the next lectures.

Assignments Criteria

Every assignment contains 10 short questions. You have to make a PDF file with questions and their respective answers. Make sure the size of assignments should not increase by 256MB. Each assignment contains 10 marks, You need to obtain 60% marks to pass the assignment.

Quizzes Criteria

After submitting the assignment, You will see a quiz attached with every assignment. You need to attempt and pass the quiz to access the next lectures. Each quiz contains 10 multiple-choice questions. You need to obtain at least 60% marks to pass the quiz.

Important Note: Without passing the quiz you can’t access the next lectures. But no worries, you will have unlimited attempts to pass any quiz.

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