Learn how professional eBay sellers make unbelievable amount of cash on eBay using the system of arbitrage, drop shipping and store returns. After studying many of the methods they use, I can show you how they do it in this course.

This course should help you make lots of money during the next holiday season. It will help you find what products to add to your inventory with minimum risk to you, and maximum profit. If done correctly, the method I teach you will make an amazing amount of money.

Take your eBay selling to the next level with this awesome course. The money you will pay to enroll will be made many times over. Every second you wait you are losing money because you could making more today with the knowledge you learned after taking this course.

On successful completion of this course you will learn:

1. How to setup an eBay store and optimize the correct settings

2. The core concepts of Drop Shipping

3. The core concepts of creating a “Lifestyle Business”

4. A view of my store, products I sell, eBay back office.

5. Why and where I source products from

6. How to scale up your business to work 15 mins a day or less

7. Start to finish guide on how to do every aspect of the business

Course Content


  • Course Introduction
  • Important Information
  • Foundation to Success
  • Getting started Blueprint
  • Guide to Arbitrage
  • Drop shipping Secrets
  • Finding Products to Sell
  • Starting an eBay Store
  • Shipping, tracking and insurance
  • Customer, service, sales and performance
  • Exploring Drop shipping Sites
  • Drop shipping with Amazon
  • Fast Profits Zero Risk
  • Product Sourcing
  • Product Examples
  • Membership Sites
  • Starting a Business
  • Podcasts
  • Knowledge Library
  • Supplemental Material & Extras
  • Conclusion


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