English for Speakers of Other Languages Courses

If English is not your first language and if you want to learn it either for acquiring British citizenship or getting ahead in the career in UK or anywhere else, UK CAT is a leader in training and ESPOL courses in Manchester.

Our courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the English language ranging from entry level to the advanced level. Learning English is very important for passing exams like A1-ESOL or B1-ESOL the first time. We aim to help people who do not have English as their first language, learn the language for education, jobs or to understand the day-to-day life in the UK better.

Easy To learn courses

All you need is a basic understanding of English to enroll in our ESOL courses. The courses are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the individuals attendees and is tailored to your exact needs. With our English for speakers of other languages courses in Manchester, you will be able to maser the language in no time. Our specially designed courses will help you improve your English speaking capabilities as well as vastly improve your listening, reading and writing skills in English.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Our ESPOL courses in Manchester are taught by teachers who have advanced degrees in the English language and are well qualified to teach ESOL. Our tutors will pay attention to each individual to help them learn and improve. After checking what level of English you have reached, you will be suggested the course that is most suitable for your requirements.

Why Choose Us

Our tailored English for speakers of other languages courses in Manchester is one of the best. You have plenty of reasons to choose us:

  • Safe and supportive environment
  • ESOL courses designed to meet tomorrow’s needs
  • Highly affordable ESOL courses, virtually 50% cheaper
  • Friendly, informal and fun ESOL lessons

Enroll today and Learn English the fastest way with our highly flexible ESOL courses in Manchester.

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