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Tailored English Language Courses in Manchester

Learning English can open doors of opportunities in UK and anywhere else if English isn’t your first language. Whether you want to learn for ESOL (A1) for Spouse Visa or ESOL B1/B2 for Student Visa and Employability, our comprehensive English language courses in Manchester can help you achieve your goals fast.

UK CAT is a premium centre for learning and offers a wide range of courses to help individuals and organization achieve goals through training courses.

Best English tuition centre Manchester

Our easy to learn English language courses will help you improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English and help you prepare for various tests. Our aim is to help people learn English in a fun and interactive environment to motivate students to learn the language faster. Our English courses in Manchester will prepare you for tests like ESOL A1 and ESOL B1/B2, so that you can easily pass it the first time itself. With a comprehensive course format and schedule, you will be totally prepared for any kind of challenge.

Excellent Facilities

We have a new, modern centre where students can study, relax and enjoy their UK experience. Conveniently located in Manchester, UK CAT provides a variety of training courses that enables attendees to acquire the desired level of skills and proficiency.

Learn from the Best Tutors

Our English tutors are highly qualified to teach ESOL with years of experience in the teaching field. The right course is assigned after the level of English is determined. The courses are tailored to individual requirements. The tutors are up-to-date with the current requirements to prepare you for the future. Our tutors have been formally assessed and recommended by industry leaders.

Most Affordable English language courses Manchester

We keep our courses fees highly affordable; in fact our courses are virtually cheaper than the other institutions. That doesn’t mean we compromise on the quality. We believe in providing value for the money.

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