How many types of Amazon PPC ads we can use?

There are three types of Amazon PPC ads we can use,


Types of Amazon PPC ads

Amazon PPC ads

Sponsored products ads:

This type of ad appears in search results and product listing pages. It can closely resemble organic listings. This is the most common type of Amazon PPC ad used 66%. In this ad, there are two types of keyword targeting strategies a seller can use. They are automatic targeting and manual targeting.

Automatic targeting:

It involves targeting keywords that Amazon’s algorithm determines are related to your product listing

Manual targeting:

This targeting involves hand-selecting the keywords you want to bid on. Ads will only appear if someone’s search terms match your chosen keywords.

Sponsored brand ads:

It is also known as Headline search ads. It allows sellers to drive awareness to more than one product at a time and catch customers. With the help of Sponsored brand ads, sellers can choose to appear either at the top of Amazon search results as a banner headline.

Sponsored display ads:

The sponsored display is the newest type of Amazon PPC and has not quite reached the popularity of Sponsored brands and Sponsored products. Just 25% of the third-party Amazon sellers use Sponsored display PPC ads. It allows sellers to retarget customers to their product details pages. Sponsored display ads can appear on Amazon’s affiliate sites including, Google, Facebook, and Netflix, and even on Cellphones apps also.

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