Have you at any point contemplated leaving a 9-5 corporate work that pays you a little compensation? Do you regularly long for the opportunity and portability of having a distant internet-based work? Might it be said that you are a loner who keeps away from human connection and feels open to dealing with your bed? In the event that indeed, it’s an ideal opportunity to make your fantasies a reality by turning into an Amazon remote helper. With this work, you can set your own timings, twist the standards to accommodate your timetable, and bring in heaps of cash. Sounds energizing? Then, at that point, follow this manual to discover how to turn into an Amazon Virtual Assistant.

What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

As the name proposed, an amazon menial helper is somebody that remotely assists you with effectively maintaining an Amazon business. The administrations given by the Virtual Assistants are very immense and change with the abilities of each person. As such, it includes taking care of the multitude of undertakings that an entrepreneur can delegate to you. Your assignments and obligations can incorporate hunting items for their stores, client assistance, and promotion, and so on

Why do people hire Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Most of the e-commerce businesses on Amazon are run by a single person who is often suffering from productivity overload. 

Task Management: They might hire you to do the tasks they find tedious such as resolving customer queries, answering emails, or following up on the sales tab.

Support:  On the other hand, a business owner might need support with skills they lack, for example, web development, photoshop, and data analysis.

Cost-effective: Hiring someone remotely on a per-hour/project basis costs a fraction of hiring a full-time employee thus making it the ideal choice for small business owners. It also reduces the overhead costs such as renting an office space and paying bills etc.

Minimum Employee Obligation: Since a virtual assistant serves as an independent contractor, the employers are only responsible for paying their fixed rate thus cutting the taxes and employee benefits cost.

Convenience: Through virtual assistants, business owners can focus on important tasks that boost their growth. An efficient virtual assistant can significantly cut down an entrepreneur’s workload.

Main responsibilities of an Amazon VA?

If you are planning to virtually sell your services to Amazon Entrepreneurs, then here are a bunch of the most in-demand skills for a virtual assistant job. 

1. Amazon Product Hunting

Probably one of the most required and basic services as it requires extensive research and market analysis. Solo-Entrepreneurs who have their plates full consider this task to be a waste of their time and prefer to outsource it. Most importantly, because the success of an eCommerce business depends extensively on the quality, profit margin, and trending product.

Your job will be to find the winning product that doesn’t break their bank while generating higher sales. Here are a few characteristics that constitute a winner-product but it may vary as per the seller own criteria:

  1. Despite high demand, there should be little competition for the product
  2. Profit margins of at least 25% to 30% 
  3. Products must generate a minimum of 10 sales a day
  4. The top 3 related keywords have at least 5000 Monthly Search Volume but may vary with Amazon Marketplace.
  5. Preferably products that are not seasonal and can be sold all year long
  6. Easy-to-source and easy-to-ship product
  7. Must have 2 products with less than 150 reviews on the first page
  8. Recurring purchases prompted by the product
  9. Featured products that have a best seller ranking (BSR)

Note: Product haunting criteria are subjective to Amazon Programs (FBA, FBM, Wholesale, etc) and always vary from seller to seller because they have their own set of attributes.

2. Sourcing and Logistics

You can source products on Amazon through various means such as drop shipping, wholesalers, and manufacturers.  Having decided on the product, the next step is to identify potential suppliers and manufacturers. The most common portal for sourcing and delivering products to Amazon Warehouse is Alibaba.com. While finding a supplier make sure they can be trusted by checking their profile status, for example, do they have trade assurance? What kind of reviews do they have? And Do they have a Gold Suppliers Badge? Etc. These are a few steps you can take to avoid fraud and scams.

Logistics include figuring out the legal restriction, contract writing and signing, patent infringements, shipping and customs costs, and safety regulations. All of this requires some experience and extensive research, so don’t try to rush it.

3. Listing Creation

After months of hunting and sourcing the product, now is the time that Amazon VA will create a listing of products on Amazon.  After this, customers can buy the product and start generating revenue.  Your job here is to create a compelling, detailed, and optimized listing to drive maximum traffic.

These are a few things to keep in mind while creating listings for your seller.

  • Well-explained product description
  • 5-7 Eye catching visuals (photographs, animations, and videos)
  • Use of SEO driven keywords
  • Make your description easy to skim through i.e. make the important information stand out without having to read the entire content.
  • Dimensions, and feature of your product
  • Grabbing listing title

4. Advertisement (PPC) on Amazon

One of the highly sought after and highly paid skills for the Amazon VAs as the number of PPC (pay per click) advertisement experts are relatively low.  Amazon offers a PPC advertising model, where a small fee is charged to the advertiser when a customer clicks on the ad. CPC the cost per click depends on the keyword competition and search volume which you can find out via tools like Jungle Scout and Helium-10

Sponsored Products ads, Sponsored Display Ads, and Sponsored Brands are the three types of advertisements offered by Amazon. To learn about all types of advertisement models and the process of running an advertisement, you can enroll for the Amazon Advertisement Certification for free. 

5. Ranking on Amazon

SEO stands for search engine optimization and sellers hire SEO experts to increase the ranking of their product on Amazon search results. As the ranking increases, so do the sales resulting in increased revenue.

For this job, you will have to study the search algorithm of Amazon in detail along with learning effective keyword searches.

6. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a vital aspect of running any business, and Amazon is no different.  This step is a very early part of the process and comes before product listing. For this task,  you will be asked to compare the products with the ones offered by the competitors. This includes price comparison, auditing your competitors’ product listings, reviewing their branding, checking their reviews, and studying their targeted keywords, etc. All these insights allow you to create a product listing that stands out among the competition.

7. Customer Service

Customer services include tending to and resolving any queries raised by the customers before, during, and after buying your product. Responding to their questions via email, and phone calls will be required to keep them satisfied and happy.

8. Inventory Management

It is the process of tracking, storing, and shipping products to satisfy customer demand quickly and efficiently. Inventory management is a very important part of the process as the excess or shortage of products might affect the storage cost and customer satisfaction respectively.

There are two ways of efficiently managing an inventory; the traditional method is to keep a tab of shipping and storage using excel sheets or the more automated approach is to use third-party inventory management software supported by Amazon.

Note: Other than the above main skills, there are some more skills within the umbrella of Amazon Services which Amazon VA can explore.

Tools required by Amazon Virtual Assistant

The question is: how do you find out all of this information? Well don’t worry, here are a few tools that can be beneficial for gaining these valuable insights while mining the best products.

Jungle Scout

Starting with Jungle Scout, the ultimate Amazon research tool that goes to the deepest and darkest dungeon of this digital rainforest to find the winning products for you. Apart from this, its features such as Niche Hunter, Product Tracker, Product Database, and Keyword Scout help you efficiently and conveniently manage product hunts, inventory, listings, and sales.

Helium 10

H-10 works just like Jungle Scout and offers almost the same features. Besides suggesting potential and profitable product ideas, finding appropriate keywords, and optimizing listings this web application helps you manage everything through one dashboard.


With its innovative features and data-driven approach, the viral launch is the game-changer in the field of FBA. You can fully optimize and automate an online business with it using Amazon Keyword, Amazon Advertising & PPC Research, and Amazon Keyword Tracking.

Note: Other than these main tools, there are so many tools that can be used by Amazon Sellers and Amazon VA’s depending upon the task.

How to become an Amazon VA in Pakistan?

For those living in Pakistan, there are countless online resources and institutes that train individuals for this job.  For example,

Extreme Commerce: They conduct online training, boot camps, seminars, 1-1 training, and corporate training. Moreover, they also run an incubator in 8 cities of Pakistan to provide young entrepreneurs a dedicated environment to grow their business. Just enroll yourself in one of their programs to equip yourself with essential skills and conquer the world of e-commerce.

EnablersEnablers offer a complete course on Virtual Assistance along with a series of video lectures for newbies who want to jump to the field of e-commerce. They have their centers spread across the country to enable everyone to learn, earn, achieve, and accomplish in life.

E-com OutsetTheir online learning portal offers 4 types of courses; Amazon Beginners Pack, Amazon Advanced Basics, Amazon certified Virtual Assistant and Amazon Sellers training.

All of these programs and courses come with unique perks that can prove very beneficial for newcomers with no previous experience and education. Sign up for their certified courses to begin your Amazon Virtual Assistant career. We hope this guide will help you and help clear things for you. 

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!


1. What is the average monthly income of Amazon Virtual Assistant?

The salary range for the said job varies greatly with the experience and the skills offered by the VA. However, on average, a newbie Amazon VA earns up to $1000, mid-level ears $1000-$3000, and the experts who set up their own agency have the potential of earning more than $5000 per month. 

Bonus: Don’t forget the conversion rate of American Dollars to PKR.

2. How long does it take to become a Virtual Assistant?

Depending on your abilities and intellect the time period for becoming a VA ranges from 1-6 months on average.

3. How to get started?

If you are convinced and want to kickstart your career in this field, then follow this game plan:

  1. Enroll in a program or join boot camps
  2. Complement their knowledge
  3. Interact with like-minded individuals and experts
  4. Build connections
  5. Setup profile on freelance platforms such as fiverr and upwork
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