How to start a new PPC campaign?

PPC campaign

To start a new PPC campaign, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Create a Portfolio

Open your Amazon Seller account. Go to the campaign and create a Portfolio.

Step 2: Create a campaign

Click on the Create campaign to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Select campaign type

In this step, you must select one portion to choose your campaign type. After selecting, click on the Continue icon.

Step 4: Entering details

Fill out the details and select manual targeting, if you want to take control of keywords.

Step 5: Bidding strategy

Choose your preference of bidding strategy. We are going with the dynamics strategy.

Step 6: Create an ad group

When you choose the Campaign bidding strategy then, you will be able to create an ad group.

Step 7: Select keyword targeting

After creating an ad group, you need to select keywords targeting as your strategy.

Step 8: Enter the bid

When you click on the Keyword targeting, you will be able to enter the bid and list down all the keywords.

Step 9: Enter negative keywords (optional)

If you want to enter negative keywords, you can enter but, I don’t so click on the launch campaign to launch this.

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