how to ta quiz and assignment

How to take Amazon VA Quiz and Assignment?

If you are facing difficulties and want to know the requirements of our Amazon Virtual Assistant Course Assignments and Quiz so, just read the guidelines given below to make sure to clear your queries regarding this. Follow the guidelines step by step.

Step 1: Login your account

Login to our website by clicking on the icon mentioned in the picture.

Step 2: Entering your Email details

After clicking on the icon, You must enter the details of your account for login.

Step 3: Dashboard details

In your dashboard, you can see Amazon Virtual Assistant Course, click on it

Step 4: Access to Assignment and Quiz

After clicking on the course, you will be able to see all course contents.

Click on the Amazon VA Course – Assignment 1

Quiz and Assignment requirements

Quiz and Assignment requirements are:

You must take the first 3 lectures to qualify for the first quiz, all the three lectures are available to watch carefully because without completing the first 3 lectures you can not take quizzes and assignments.

Assignment Format:

The first assignment contains 10 short questions, Make a PDF file of answers with questions and upload a PDF file on the portal.

Step 5: Quiz details

Quiz Format:

There will be 10 MCQs, each question contains 1 point and 15 mins will give to you for attempting the quiz.

Now click on the start Quiz to attempt the quiz.

When you click on the Start Quiz, It will start immediately and you have 15 mins to complete it.

After completing the quiz, If you got more than 60% you will be able to continue the course.

If you got 60% marks on your quiz, you will be able to continue to course. Otherwise, If you got less than 60% you will not be able to move to the next lecture because it’s a requirement to pass the previous one and you also have an option to restart your quiz. After clicking on the Restart Quiz, you will be able to Start your quiz again.


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