Award: Level 3 Award in Health and Social Care
Awarding Body: NCFE
Total Guided Learning Hours (GLH): 180 Hours
Full-Time Day Schedule (15 hours per week over 12 weeks)
Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 12 PM


Week 1-4: Introduction to Care Management Mastery


Session 1 (3 Hours): Introduction and Course 
  •  Overview Overview of the Level 3 Award
  • Introduction to Care Management Principles
    • Session 2 (3 Hours): CQC Standards and Policies in Care
    o Understanding CQC Standards
    o Key Policies and Regulations
    • Session 3 (3 Hours): Person-Centered Care and Rights
    o Person-Centered Care Approach
    o Equality, Diversity, and Rights in Health and Social Care
    • Session 4 (3 Hours): Safeguarding in Care Settings
    o Principles of Safeguarding
    o Safeguarding Adults and Children
    Week 5-8: Health and Social Care Management
    • Session 5 (3 Hours): Regulatory Compliance and Management Skills

    o Compliance Requirements

    o Leadership and Management Skills
    • Session 6 (3 Hours): Financial Management in Care Settings
    o Budgeting and Financial Planning
    o Resource Allocation
    • Session 7 (3 Hours): Quality Assurance and Improvement
    o Quality Control Measures
    o Continuous Improvement Strategies
    • Session 8 (3 Hours): Review and Practical Application
    o Case Studies and Practical Exercises
    o Q&A and Feedback
    Week 9-12: Specialist Topics and Final Assessment
    • Session 9 (3 Hours): Human Growth and Development
    o Stages of Human Development
    o Impact on Care Practices
    • Session 10 (3 Hours): Safeguarding in Depth
    o Advanced Safeguarding Techniques
    o Legal Responsibilities
    • Session 11 (3 Hours): Equality, Diversity, and Rights in Practice
    o Implementation in Care Settings
    o Case Studies and Discussions
    • Session 12 (3 Hours): Mock Interviews and Final Assessment Preparation
    o Mock Interviews
    o Final Assessment Review
    Week 13: Final Assessments and Graduation
    • Final Assessments
    • Certificate Distribution
    • Graduation Ceremony

    Part-Time Evening Schedule (5 hours per week over 36 weeks)

    Option 1: Monday & Tuesday, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    Option 2: Wednesday & Thursday, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    Note: Sessions for part-time evening schedule will cover the same topics but spread over a
    longer duration to accommodate working professionals.
    Course Structure and Benefits
    Comprehensive Coverage: Integrates advanced health and social care management
    with specialised care management skills.
    Flexible Learning Options: Daytime intensive and evening part-time options cater to
    different learner needs.
    Practical Application: Includes case studies, role-playing, and mock interviews to
    enhance practical skills.
    Career Preparation: Focuses on preparing participants for leadership roles in health
    and social care settings.
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