We have helped thousands of people pass their Life in the UK test and Britsih Citizenship course. Our Life in the UK course has been designed especially for students who struggle with their English. Our Life in the UK students have all felt confident and relaxed after joining our intensive preparation course. The course makes a great deal of information manageable. Our course helps prospective candidates to understand the Life in the UK Test book, classes are conducted in a friendly atmosphere, taking into consideration people who find it hard to study on their own.
Why prepare for the Life in the UK Test?
You are required to pass the test to meet the requirements for settlement (indefinite leave to remain) or permanent residence in the UK, or British citizenship. The new official handbook Life in the UK A Guide for New Residents (3rd edition) contains 180 pages, full of facts and dates to memoris. We have made sure you pass first time. We realise Each attempt to pass the test costs £50.00

How will our training program help you?
1. Our program is designed to help you efficiently memorise all the handbook information 2. Our simulation tests will familiarise you with the official test format 3. You will become skilled at choosing the correct answer from a variety of similar responses, just like in the official test.