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Number of Classes: 2 Months

New Batch: July 20, 2021

Timings: To be Mutually decided with Students

Mode Of Training: Online 

Product Hunting

Many new sellers don’t even know the potential of choosing a great product or what is the criterion for a great product to hunt to sell on Amazon & other marketplaces. In this product hunting or product research course, you will learn step by step:

  1. Complete Amazon FBM Product Hunting or Product Research Techniques to Hunt a Winning Product in all Markets
  2. Product Hunting Criteria for Big Markets (USA, UK, De) and New/Emerging Amazon Marketplaces (Italy, Spain, Canada, France, UAE, Saudia)
  3. Profit Margin Calculations and Things to avoid as a New Seller
  4. Keyword Research and How to identify the Main Keywords to Generate More Sales
  5. Manual and Software Utilization Techniques to Hunt a Winning Product
  6. Product Data Validation and Evaluation By Using Tools
  7. Sales Estimation and budget calculation sheet
  8. Grow Your Amazon Private Label Business as a New Seller with 6 figure income technique
  9. Work from Home as an Amazon FBM Product Research Freelancer or Virtual Assistant

Course Content


  • Objective of working as a Product Hunting VA
  • What is Product Hunting
  • Amazon Product Hunting Criteria in competitive Markets US & UK
  • Manual Product Hunting Hacks & Strategies
  • Amazon Product Hunting by Helium
  • Product Data Evaluation & Keyword Research by tools
  • Profit Margin Calculation
  • Product Hunting Criteria for new emerging Markets
  • FBM vs FBA
  • Amazon FBA Wholesale
  • Amazon Drop shipping
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of each Model