Refund of Fees Policy

The following policy will apply in every case:


  1. Students are eligible to receive a full refund only if there has been a significant change to the programme as a result of action by the college.
  2. If the student pays the fees prior to arriving in the United Kingdom and is unable to obtain an entry visa, a total refund (LESS £250 administration fee) will be made by the College ONLY on production of an original, authorised Visa Refusal Letter and the payment receipts previously issued by UCAT.
    1. If CAS has been issued and visa has been refused and case has been reviewed at BHC and decision is still negative then refund will be granted after deduction of set administration charges. Its consultant’s responsibility to assist the student to go for appeal and decision.
    2. If visa has been refused due to false documentation or not following PBS policies ie not presenting documents mentioned in CAS or maintenance funds are not according to set criteria by UKBA then no refund will be issued.
  3. If consultant or student does not agree with the ECO’s decision they should follow above condition a.If any student is deported from the airport then refund will be issued after producing valid deportation orders submitted to college
  4. Students who pay the fees but who do not attend the course for reasons other than as stated in part 1 of this document, No refund will be payable.

  5. Students who attend courses, but who subsequently cease to attend, other than for the reason as stated in part 1 of this document, (or as authorised by the Principal), No refund will be payable.

  6. If a student who is currently in the UK and has transferred from another college or otherwise, starts a course but is subsequently refused an extension then they are entitled to a refund of any fees paid less a £250 administration fee plus the tuition fee of any term of teaching that has been more than 50% completed.  In these cases a termly tuition fee is calculated as one third of the yearly fee due for the course.
  7. If your Visa has been refused under section 320 of the Immigration Rules then no refund will be payable

  8. Refund applications (including cheque issue) will take a minimum of 2 weeks following the date of production of the Entry Visa Refusal Letter.
  9. All refunds are payable by company crossed cheque or bank transfer.
  10. Cheques/correspondence will only be issued to a third party on receipt of written authorisation from the student, on approval by the Principal and on production of a recognised form of photo I.D.



Written by:  VB

Created Date: 5th Jan 2012

This process takes effect from: 1st Feb 2012

Modified on 14th Jan 2013 and 18th Sep 2013 by VB