Our UK Citizenship Practice Test is the best way to prepare for the Life in the UK Test.

If you’re seeking British citizenship or settlement in the UK, our practice test will guide you through all the steps necessary to successfully complete your citizenship exam at your own pace. At any time you can review your progress and identify areas that will require extra effort to ensure that you are successful in your Life in the UK Test first time.

With our UK Citizenship Practice Test you can:

  • Read the Handbook one chapter at a time.
  • Choose from all 5 chapters of the Life in the UK handbook in both written and audio formats.
  • Take the corresponding Chapter test. We find it easier to practice one chapter at a time.
  • Over 130 test questions.
  • Use our Life in United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents (3rd Edition) History Timeline to help you memorise all the important dates.
  • You can review your performance and progress anytime with your Test history.
  • You can review your account information and change your password anytime.
  • You can learn and practice on your smart phone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry..) by simply typing in your smartphone browser. Our mobile smart phone version will automatically come up.
  • 100% guaranteed success.

Take advantage of our reduced price now and give yourself a head-start with your Life in the UK Test.

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Why People like our Online Training Programme?

  • Thousands of people pass their Life in the UK Test by using our Training Panel they find it convenient and user friendly
  • They can work on their own pace
  • We take our customers' feedback very seriously and continuously improve services and training program
  • Our tests look like exactly according to format of the official computer-based citizenship test
  • It is designed in such a way so people easily prepare for their Exam for Life in UK
  • It has been designed in accordance to 3rd Edition (Latest)
  • 100% money back guarantee if you find our programme hard to understand.
  • It can be changed any language you like

Why you need Life in the UK Test?

If you want to become UK Citizen then before applying you must pass "Life in UK" test along with ESOL Entry 3. In March 2013, the UK government introduced a new Life in the UK test and has disregarded previous test. The previous test did not cover very much of the UK history. The new revised handbook Life in the UK: A Guide for New Residents (3rd edition) covers the entire UK history., and is more than 10,000 words longer than the previous handbook (2nd edition). In addition, this new handbook has now 210 dates to remember (as opposed to only 30 for the previous handbook). So the new handbook has much more information to learn. You should use our Life in the UK practice test program if:
  • You want to pass the test the first time.
  • You want to familiarise yourself with the official test format.
  • You learn better in a structured, supported and guided environment.

Our Free practice tests?

Before you sign in, you can practice your test, how they work as follows:
  • Our simulations of the official test are presented in the same look and format as the official test.
  • You will receive your score by chapter and your overall score.
  • All of the questions are based on the entire content of the new handbook Life in the UK: A Guide for New Residents (3rd edition)
  • All questions and answers are carefully designed to help you remember the handbook information.
  • You will become skilled at choosing the correct answer from a variety of similar responses, just like in the official test.
  • Personalised and detailed review of your correct and incorrect answers and reference to the handbook page where you can find the correct answer.
  • You have access to a personalised test history to track your performance and overall learning progress.

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