In this Course you will learn the basics of what it takes to set up and manage an online store. Guide your clients through the nuances of store operations to help them succeed as entrepreneurs.

Course Objectives

In this course, we’ll discuss how to set up and optimize your client’s store operations from the Shopify Admin. This introduction sets you on a path to develop operations strategies for your clients that transform the way they approach commerce.

You’ll learn the key success factors and challenges faced by merchants when managing their businesses in Shopify so you can align your services with client needs.

Course Content


Introduction to shopify store operations

    • Shopify ecommerce basics
    • Course overview

Store Setup & Settings

    • Introduction
    • General settings
    • Location settings
    • Account settings
    • Payment providers
    • Gift card settings
    • Billing settings
    • Checkout settings
    • Notification settings
    • Legal settings
    • Shipping settings
    • File settings
    • Tax settings
    • Sales channels
    • Knowledge check

Managing products & inventory

    • Product basics
    • The product editor page
    • Key considerations for products
    • Editing and managing products
    • Inventory management
    • Knowledge check

Building an online store front

    • Online store sales channel
    • Themes
    • Apps
    • Knowledge check
    • Blog posts
    • Pages
    • Navigation
    • Domains
    • Preferences
    • Knowledge check

Fulfilling Orders

    • Introduction to order fulfillment
    • Orders
    • Fulfilling orders
    • Refunding orders
    • Creating orders

Managing Customers

    • Customers
    • Customer service
    • Knowledge check

Beyond the online Store

    • Introduction to external sales channels
    • Social media
    • Marketplaces
    • Shopify channels
    • Key considerations
    • Knowledge check

Marketing & Analytics

    • Introduction to marketing Shopify stores
    • Awareness
    • Interest stage
    • Evaluation stage
    • Trial stage
    • Adoption stage
    • Analytics
    • Knowledge check

Next Steps

    • Merchant services recap
    • Tools and resources
    • Feedback



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