Strategy for your Amazon business

We actually classify our Inventory for business into 3 types of grades.

Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C

Business Grade A:

This investment is actually for your listings which are already ranking very high on Amazon. You can always get investment very fastly and easily for your business. Anyone can go to Amazon.com, type the keyword and see the listings in top spots assuming that keywords have good search volume.

You can give a smaller part of the share to investors and keep a higher share yourself since this is almost guaranteed return for anyone in amazon listings and business.

Business Grade B:

This investment is a very high potential niche where chances of ranking very high on Amazon. However, you do not have any ranked listings so far.

It means investors’ money would not give instant return to anyone. It takes a month or 2 to build up momentum. Chances are high and it is not high risk but low to mid-level risk investment. With this kind of investment, you can offer higher profit sharing to investors such as an equal profit between yourself and your investors.

Inventory Grade C:

In this investment, you can see that it is a high-risk investment since you are dealing with a high niche where the volume could be high. Profit margins may be lower and you can not guarantee the ranking. This kinda investment is ideal for partners who are the manufacturer of goods and this partner is willing to give you the stock ask you to rank the listings on Amazon.

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