Why choose to study with UKCAT?

There are several compelling reasons why students should consider UK College very seriously.

We provide a safe supportive environment that is conducive and pleasant.

We employ qualified, caring tutorial and administerative staff.

Our staff are highly experienced and qualified upto PhD and MBA levels. They comprise of academics and industry-professionals and provide students with the skills and knowledge to them for employment.

Staff at UKCAT have not only got vast  experience of delivering courses, student care, university and work placement procedures and quality control. As a student of UK College of Arts & Technology, we can offer you a wide range of information, advice and guidance, not only in  regard to your studies, but on personal, employment, visa, social, legal issues etc. We want your stay to be as beneficial and happy as possible therefore encourage students with any queries  to approach us as we will be only too happy to help.

UKCAT is always striving to meet the expectations of its students and to be leaders in private education providers industry. As a result of our professional team, UKCAT has secured excellent results from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

UKCAT encourages its students to join the Manchester International Society which is affiliated with Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester University & the University of Salford. .

In addition UKCAT assists its students in joining Manchester libraries and have made it part of their course programme to visit the Central Library of Manchester. Our tutors are always willing to support and advise the students.

We have a community focused rather than profit making approach. Our area is viewed by many to be in need of regeneration, it has a high ethnic population and has many who are unemployed. We identify the needs in our own locality first and foremost and aim to put something back into our local community.

We have strong links with other providers in the community which we are constantly aiming to strengthen. UKCAT is continuously working with Manchester First through different contracts to train local students by offering courses in ICT, English language, confidence building, developing employment skills to get them into prosperous employment.

UKCAT is proud to be an Equal Opportunities training provider. We do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital status or age.

We help build skills essential for work.

On an ongoing basis, UK College reviews and modifies its courses to ensure that they reflect tomorrow’s needs, not yesterday’s. This means that we focus not only on academic mastery, but the practical skills necessary to be an effective employee. Students are encouraged to apply their academic learning to real life situations.
UKCAT structures its lessons and tutorials to facilitate enough time for its students to do their research, complete their coursework and also undertake part time work if necessary.

Our courses are excellent value for money and virtually half price compared to some other educational establishments.

UKCAT courses are very cost effective compared to other educational establishments. Depending on the specific course, our prices for undergraduate study are virtually 50% cheaper. We achieve this without compromising the quality or excellence of the education offered. Specifically, we achieve this by focusing our resources into the important areas – the quality of our teaching staff, the learning facilities, the course material, the learning environment and facilities and the student performance improvement processes. Further, being an independent college, we are not compelled systematically to charge our students a high minimum charge.